Penny Lane: In my eyes.

tempImageForSave 6.JPG

Everyday I walk along Penny Lane, twice a day minimum taking my daughter to nursery with her sister in the pram, both blissfully unaware of the history of this famous ‘lane’.

Fans of the Beatles can regularly be seen standing alongside this sign doing the ‘tourist’ thing, getting their picture taken and owning their own little part of Liverpool.

Now it was my turn! I live just off Penny Lane and I was child free so I headed out with my camera and no real plan other than to just take some pictures and this image was just one of many that I took.

You would think that I would be sick of the sight of the place having to walk up and down it in all weathers, day in, day out but the truth is im not. I love where I live and consider myself very fortunate to live in Liverpool.

I think someone once wrote “Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes”.

Penny Lane in my eyes and now in yours.

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